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What is AApA?

The American Appaloosa Association, Inc. Worldwide (AApA) is an International membership oriented organization dedicated to the survival and promotion of the durable, versatile and uniquely colored horse…………The APPALOOSA

The Association was established in 1983 as a National Appaloosa Registry, (then known as the ACBA), for the purpose of providing permanent recognition of the characteristic Appaloosa horse and also to recognize the efforts of the breeders and owners of such horses. Shortly after establishment, the  Association became an International venture, due to the great interest World Wide.

 The AApA also has the responsibility to provide a proper atmosphere and opportunity for the enjoyment of the Appaloosa horse and will endeavor, with membership support, to provide programs that will enable all interested individuals to derive pleasure from their Appaloosa, regardless of their area of interest.

It is the Associations firm position that the Appaloosa is a distinct breed of horse that has specific characteristics that set it apart from other breeds in the Equine world. While characteristics by no means always indicate AppaloosaAppaloosa always means characteristics.

The Appaloosa’s unique identity MUST NOT EVER be compromised.

The Association does not intend to promote the Appaloosa Horse as the only horse for All people, however, it is understood that the Appaloosa is the only horse for some people and their circumstances.

It is to those people and their Appaloosas to which they are devoted, that the American Appaloosa Association, Inc. dedicates its effort.

Who is AApA?

The AApA, while originally organized in early 1983, (then known as the  ACBA), by three individuals in the Midwest, has steadily grown to the point that the Association is now represented by almost 3,000 members located throughout  All the Americas,  Europe, and the rest of the world.

The Association’s present management is fully aware that while it has the responsibility of managing the Association’s business affairs, the future of the AApA ultimately rests with its membership.

The Association’s membership includes not only individuals who have dedicated their lives to breeding, promoting, and most importantly, improving the Appaloosa but also hundreds of Appaloosa enthusiasts whose only desire is to enjoy the many pleasures derived from owning such a beautiful, versatile horse.

The Association’s membership is comprised of Breeders, owners, youth, as well as owners;  owners of many horses, as well as owners of only one beloved family pet; individuals who are willing to take an active role in promoting the Association, as well as those who take a more passive approach regarding their support. Whoever or whatever they may be,  each and every member of the AApA is an appreciated and valued part of the Association’s effort to promote the Appaloosa horse and help in its survival as a special colored Breed.

If you are an AApA member, the AApA is you!  If you are not currently a part of the Association, we sincerely hope you will consider becoming a valued member in order that you may personally be involved in determining……………..Who is the AApA ?

Why Is AApA?

The founders of this Association based their decision to begin the effort to establish such an organization on their firm belief that the turmoil which gripped the Appaloosa industry in late 1982 and early 1983 would ultimately be extremely detrimental to the very animal the industry has the responsibility to preserve and to promote.

Any decision to allow a solid colored animal to be considered, in any manner, as a “Representative” of the Appaloosa breed was to many thousands of dedicated Appaloosa owners and breeders simply unacceptable.

It was felt, however, that to ask the Appaloosa to “wait in the wings” while a prolonged battle was waged to determine the breed’s true basis of identity was likewise totally unreasonable.

Since the AApA was founded 35 years ago, the Appaloosa breed has suffered tremendously and has continuously lost more and more of its identity through uncontrolled out crossing so many breeders and owners chose for many different reasons; except to keep the Appaloosa a breed of its own.

The AApA does not exist in order to effect an alteration of the policies or politics of any other organization within the Appaloosa industry. The AApA exists in order to assure the existence of an organization dedicated to preserving a uniquely distinctive animal… The APPALOOSA.

The respect the Appaloosa movement may expect to receive from the horse industry as a whole is dependent upon its ability to provide a consistent, stable basis for its own existence.

The Horse Industry does not owe us its respect; we must earn it and be continually aware of our responsibility to maintain our worthiness of such respect…………………….

Where is the AApA?

While it may be, at this time, somewhat presumptuous to state that the AApA is everywhere, the time is rapidly approaching when such a statement may well be considered a fair assessment of the Association’s status.

It is currently a fact that the Association has members and horses in every state in the United States and several foreign countries: Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Hawaii, Poland, West and South Africa, Mexico, Venezuela, the Antilles, and other South American countries.

The Association offers District Club Approval which will enable AApA members to become involved in showing, promoting, and enjoying their Appaloosas through local events and activities.  Local clubs will give the breeder and owner of Appaloosa horses the chance to meet and socialize with folks that share their own interests.

Local Clubs help bring the Appaloosa owners together and are a great place to get our youth started to appreciate the breed to its fullest.

If you wish to find out more about our District Club approval, please contact our office for more information.

The AApA is as close as your phone, e-mail, or your PO Box….

Phones answered daily between 8 am to 8 pm.
(weekends if someone is available)

The American Appaloosa Assoc. Inc. (AApA)
P.O. Box 429

Republic, MO  65738

Phone: 417-466-3633 or 417-233-1014, Mobil 417-635-4442

e-mail: heidi@amappaloosa.com