AApA Programs

The AApA’s “open Show Point Program” (OSPP)

The AApA Open Show Point Program is intended to provide recognition of the successful efforts of those individuals who choose to utilize and promote the Talents of their AApA registered Appaloosas in Open All Breed Shows.

AApA Open Show points are awarded annually in three divisions:

  • Halter
  • Pleasure
  • Performance.

Year-end awards will be given to the High Point Horse of each division with an overall AApA Champion High Point Horse if
the horse has earned points in all three divisions. Horses must be entered into this program on an annual basis with the AApA show department.  Points will be permanently recorded on the horse’s record with certificates of recognition awarded on an annual basis indicating the level of achievement in each division.

The AApA “Pro-Event”

The AApA “Pro-Event” (Participating Rider/Owner) will give recognition to individuals interested in such events as:

  • Endurance Riding
  • Trail Riding
  • Accumulative Saddle hours/or Driving Programs
  • Handicap Program (Saddle hours special award for handicapped folks).

The AApA Youth and Amateur Programs

The American Appaloosa Association realizes its obligation to provide programs whereby interested youth might develop a genuine understanding of and appreciation for the Appaloosa horse. Both, the AApA Youth and Amateur Programs have been developed with the objective of recognizing the accomplishments of young people and amateurs as they grow through their efforts with, and on behalf of…… THE APPALOOSA.

For further information regarding any of the above programs, contact our office please at email address showdept@amappaloosa.com