Trail / Saddle / Driving Log

Trail / Saddle Log

When you ride an Appaloosa, riding and driving time means special hours spent in a partnership that grows stronger with each hour spend together.

This is Pleasure Time!

Why not get rewarded for something you like to do?

The AApA offers you this recognition!

You can earn a certificate of recognition for your effort’s for the first 250 hours logged,  pleasure riding or driving your Appaloosa.

Once you reach a  Total 500 hour’s you will receive a Trail riding  /or Driving patch (depending what you qualified for), at every 250 more hours logged you will receive an additional chevron to put with your patch. These hours logged MUST have been spent at Pleasure riding / or driving your AApA registered Appaloosa only!

Professional hours of training, exhibiting the Appaloosa or riding in any competition DOES NOT COUNT towards your pleasure hours.

All participants in these programs  Must be a current  AApA member!

Hours accrued without a paid-up membership cannot and will not be counted.

All persons that want to participate must be signed up with our Show Dept and pay the enrollment fee of $ 20.- per first year. The yearly Renew fee will be $15.-  per person.  Accumulated points will be carried over to the following year.

Should you have  more than just one  Appaloosa you would like to ride in this program, you can change horses to ride as long as they are registered with AApA, Inc. (you must record their reg.#)

You must keep accurate time in your logbook (which you will receive  from our office after you have signed up.)

Please remember this program is on an Honor System…………………….

should the AApA become aware of false entries into your Log, and these entries are after an investigation proved false,  ALL  logged hours to this last point of entry will become VOID and be canceled. The participant will be expelled from this and all other Show programs.

Upon completion of your Log Book or if you have reached ” Milestone hours”, complete the log form or the book below and send the original to our office.  send to:  AApA, Inc., c/o Show Dept.,

P O Box 429, Republic, MO  65738

Replacement pages can be found for print out,  on our website    on our “Forms page”

For any questions, you might have to contact our office by e-mail  or call 417-466-3633

Show point results will be published the following year mid-January…………..all participants will be notified from our office…………….