Registration Guide

The information listed below is to assist you as you complete the Registration Application(s)  for your horse(s) with the AApA, Inc.  Please follow all instructions and submit the required materials needed to help us expedite your application.


Horses previously registered with the (ApHC)  Appaloosa Horse Club, its foreign affiliates, the (ApHCC) Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada or the  (CRHA) Colorado Ranger Horse Association, qualify for double registration with the AApA, Inc. as long as they display Appaloosa colored Coat patterns and all characteristics.  Solid colored ApHC, ApHCC or CRHA registered horses do not qualify with AApA , Inc. for registration, unless they are of at least 3 (three) full generations of registered Appaloosa Stock, however, they can only be accepted into our Breeding Stock classification and are not eligible to be raced or exhibited as Appaloosas.  

You Need:

a)    A completed AApA registration Application ( blank Applications  on FORMS Page) 

b)   A copy  (front and back) of the registration certificate plus a 4 Generation pedigree of the horse, and the ” DNA  Report”  (not just the DNA case#) from the breed Association your horse is originally registered with. You can call them and they will be happy to supply you with a copy. 

Should we have to retrieve the DNA report for you, there will be a charge of $15,- retrieval fee. This report will have to be filed as a foreign Report with our DNA data bank and there will be another $15.- filing fee. DNA’s are essential for us to build a correct pedigree for your horse. If your horse does not have DNA on file with its original registry, we will run the DAN for you at the time of registration. 

DNA is part of the registration and we will initiate the DNA as soon as we receive the application with payment for registration and DNA.  c)  Two (2) recent 3″x 5″ pictures, one on each side (full horse, one picture to show face markings and all leg markings, no tack ). we do accept digital photo’s on leak-proof paper.  Pictures must be labeled with the horse’s name, owner’s name, and date taken.   Please do  not write on the back of the picture, write on a label and stick it on the backside of the pictures)  ( Forms Page )

Please be sure that the horse is registered into your name, if not, a valid transfer of ownership must accompany the application…………(copies must be notarized to show that they are the same as the original. )   ( Forms Page )

Please be sure not to forget to sign your application for registry. Owner and, if a co-signer, both must sign the application.   ( Forms Page )

If a horse is not previously registered on the basis of a pedigree, you will need:

a)  A completed registration application

b)  Five (5) pictures, taken 15 feet from horse, one on each side, full side view, (nose to tail, ear to toe) clearly showing all 4   legs, one close upside of face, showing parti-colored skin and white Sclera of the nostril and eye)and one picture with the horses tail raised up to show parti-colored skin on soft tissue plus one full shot from the front of the horse (ear to toe). 

c)  a filled out and signed Breeders Certificate, issued by the stallion owner at the time of service ( the Breeders Certificate  you find at the lower-left corner of the Application) 

d)  Stallion Breeding Reports  MUST  be on file with our office by Dec 31 of breeding year,  to file this report there is no charge for current AApA members.  Stallion Breeding Reports filed after Dec. 31 of breeding year, will have a late fee of $25.00. Non-current AApA members pay a $20.00 filing charge per report.  (find Report forms  on  Forms Page )

Stallion Reports for Stallions other than AApA registered, must have a copy of the Stallions Registration Certificate  (front and back), a four (4)generation pedigree and the stallions “DNA Report” ($15.00 filing fee)  Should you only have a  DNA case#,  Stallions owners must have a waiver for release of their stallions DNA to the AApA with a $30.00 retrieval and DNA filing fee.  Stud Report filing is $20.00. (with late fee $ 30.00, if after 12/31 breeding year)   ( Forms Page )

All Stallions MUST have a  DNA on file with the AApA, before any Stallion breeding Report can be accepted!

Breeders Certificate and Stallion Breeding Report plus the Stallions / Dam DNA are required in order to carry a pedigree.  ( Forms Page )